George Harrison Collection of 12 Guitar Picks From Maui

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Superb framed collection of 12 guitar picks from George’s home on Maui. All of the picks were owned and used by George Harrison.

Some are self explanatory, here are the ones that may not be to many folks reading this:

Jack Lumber: Georges alias often used when traveling, adapted by George from the Monty Python sketch “The Lumberjack Song”.

Walecki & Son: fictional alter ego corporate ID from way back, used to ship items and documents anonymously. Extremely rare, the only one known to exist.

Devil’s Radio: from the song of the same name from the album “Cloud 9”. Again, extremely rare, these picks never went into production.

Bounty Music: George’s local music store where he was a very welcome & respected local legend. He visited many times & bought many guitars. This was George’s own pick.

The signature picks “Alvin Lee & Dave Edmunds” were gifted to George by their individual owners when they visited George on Maui.

Incredible collection