1990s George Harrison Owned & Used Guitar Pick

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One of George Harrison’s guitar picks played by the man himself, a gift direct from George.

As many folks know George was a great fan of the Monty Python TV series, so much so that he literally pledged his home Friar Park as collateral to finance the production of The Life Of Brian.

Here we have Georges alter ego “Jack Lumber” (taken from the Monty Python song/sketch I’m a Lumberjack (and I don’t care).

On the reverse it says “Keep Take Your Cotton Picking Hands Off My Pick”, extensively used by George with plenty of playwear.


2 Responses to “1990s George Harrison Owned & Used Guitar Pick”
  1. Charlie Hutch says:

    Cool George item. The inscription on the pick says, “TAKE YOUR COTTON PICKIN’ HANDS OFF MY PICK”. You have the first word as Keep, which is incorrect.

    Just discovered your website…..super awesome!