1980s George Harrison Owned Kyser Capo

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After working for so long on songs from Rubber Soul and Revolver with the constraints and limitations of an old elasticated capo,


George must have been elated at the invention and design of one Mr Milton Kyser. The quick change capo was born and along with it came intonation accuracy, reliability and best of all a very easy on/off or position change. There are quite a few images of George on the web where, during the last tour he is clearly struggling to get the old style capo on and off and in place at the 7th fret (see attached image).

I spoke with the Kyser company just today, they were very helpful in identifying this polished silver variant as being one of the very earliest examples to be manufactured. The capo was manufactured in 1988-1989 at the Garland TX factory ( A.K.A. Milton’s Garage). The lack of the patent number and the thin clear boot are all tell tale signs.

George used this capo from the late 1980s until he gifted it to an individual who he also gave guitar lessons to, we acquired it from that individual.