1990 Kenny Fischer Trainwreck Express Manual “Amanda Lynne”


We had a mint Kenny Fischer Trainwreck manual that was “non-named” around three month ago, it sold in less than five minutes.

Here we have the original manual for the 1990 Trainwreck Express known as “Amanda Lynn”. We never did have the amplifier so the two have been separated along the way. We are looking for the current owner of Amanda Lynn if anyone knows who he is or is aware of the amps whereabouts. This is a unique and probably unrepeatable opportunity to acquire the original manual. It is in 100% perfect shape, it is signed by Kenny and endoresd “Amanda Lynn” and dated 1990.

22 years ago not many folks cared about an owners manual, most guys are competent enough to just plug her in and go, however with Kenny’s passing and the meteoric rise in value of his amps this document would be a valuable asset to have with the actual amp.