1966 Original Matrix Handbill advertising The Great Society Art by William Reid

An original Matrix Handbill advertising The Great Society (Grace Slick’s pre-Airplane group) & Don Garrett or Dan Hicks for 6/21/66. Art by William Reid. Two red & white pills are pictured on a blue background as stars fall out of them. A.O.R 2.113. This is an amazing early ground-zero Psychedelic Era handbill. It shows a broken white capsule (with red stripes) dropping white stars onto a blue background. It’s a nice LSD in The USA piece of graphic design. The fact that it predates the classic Jefferson Airplane lineup just adds to it’s mystique. Maybe this is where Marty Balin (Matrix Club owner), first became aware of his future band-mate? Unlike later handbills from The Matrix series, and this example is slightly bigger & on a thicker paper stock.