1967 Zemaitis Acoustic + Compensated Frets Danny O’Brien

A fantastic piece of Zemaitis history and guitar making history in general, Everyone in the Zemaitis world will be aware of Danny O’Brien, Danny bought this guitar from Tony Zemaitis in November of 1967 (in the US of course this would be the Summer of Love, in the UK it was definitely the Winter of […]

1981 Ovation The Anniversary Model 1157-7

Well what an amazing find and in incredibly clean and 100% original condition with zero issues, model 1157 (the -7 suffix is the color code). The guitar is from midway through the run dating to 1981, SN 234699, it is now 31 years old and has been incredibly well cared for, no cracks or splits, […]

1986 PRS Metal # 6 0498 Sold Red

Highly collectible PRS metal from 1986. Solid mahogany body with original red finish, and T & B pickups. Near mint condition with original hardshell case, trem arm & papers.