2001 Dave Of England Zemaitis Heart Hole Acoustic #4

One of the earliest Dave of England Acoustic guitars, made using the Tony Zemaitis Jig #8 also using a genuine Tony Zemaitis label. On the retirement of Tony Zemaitis he gave all of his jigs to Dave Brewis, AKA “Dave of England” & “The Keeper of The Jigs”. Tony also handed over many plans,timber, tools […]

2002 Dave Of England Heart Hole Ukulele

When Tony Zemaitis retired he passed all of his jigs and many other pieces of equipment and materials to Dave Brewis “Dave of England”. This 2002 model is the 2nd Uke made, the first was delivered to George Harrison at Friar Park and this is #2 originally sold to Keith Smart the president of the […]

1976 James B Marsh Dulcimer

Incredible professional grade hand built Dulcimer by James B Marsh, Stockton CA. The label even states: Dulcimer #7 Brian Blaney August 23rd 1976 (address removed for privacy) Stockton,  CA 35 years old and in perfect condition, the level of workmanship is extraordinary, solid premium grade spruce top is bound and is edged completely with highly […]

2002 Gibson Custom Les Paul Stars And Stripes Class 5, #11

With only 50 guitars produced in 2002/2003 this is a very limited production run, this example is #11/50, purchased new & placed into storage, it has never been played other than for initial inspection, it is perfect in every way ,complete with OHSC , COA & all hang tags & paperworw. The choice mahogany body […]

2001 Gibson Custom Shop Explorer Yahoo!

Released in 2001 as a part of the Designer Series & in dead mint pristine condition here we have the Gibson Explorer Yahoo! Finished in contrasting metallic purple & mauve swirls with “Do You Yahoo!” in bright yellow, this thing is far from subtle, chrome plated double humbucker pickups wired to a master volume & […]

Doug Rowell Pumpkin Patch SG

This carving started out as a Gibson SG Special, before it became the Pumpkin Patch Guitar you see today.  The SG Special with EMG active pickups was purchased in the US and shipped to Doug. At first it was going to be a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch, after a while, perhaps some skulls among […]

2009 Doug Rowell, The Iwo Jima Les Paul

One of a kind creation by Doug Rowell, completed on the 64th anniversary of the raising of the flag, February 23, 2009. Doug used the oil painting version of the famous WWII flag raising as a model. He reversed the image for better composition and framed it with an archway. It was suggested that the […]

2009 Doug Rowell Lunarcaster

Commissioned to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. From the outset, the famous Buzz Aldrin on the moon photo with the reflection in his face shield was a certain requirement. For the pickguard, it was decided that the landing craft along with the date and the “One small step…” quote would be ideal. […]

1981 Gibson Double Neck EDS 1275

All original guitar from 1981, original sunburst finish, the guitar is now 30yrs old and everything works exactly as it should. All of the electrics are fine, both the six and twelve necks have a very low action, the guitar was photographed exactly as we bought it, currently being restrung with D’;addario EXL 110 on […]

1976 Fender Strat Left Hand

An original custom color Fender strat from 1976 in exceptional condition and factory left hand, the guitar has been in storage for the last 8 yrs, it is in perfect ready to play condition with all electronics working perfectly, low action, great sounding pickups etc. The 1976 Fender start guitar is strung right handed and […]

1994 Gibson ES 355 Centennial #1918

We have just uncovered this guitar in storage from day one in a smoke free & climate controlled environment. It was the guitar of the month in June 1994, the serial number is 1918, this number is inlaid in diamonds on the tailpiece & has the corresponding number handwritten on the original inner label. For […]

1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Total time warp, Incredibly clean & all original Les Paul Custom that is now 40yrs old. This is the year of Gibsons 20th anniversary for the Les Paul Custom, some Customs from 1974 were released with “20th anniversary” engraved into the inlay at the 15th fret (then again, a good many guitars from 1975 were […]

1971 Gibson Les Paul Recording

In exceptional original condition, everything works, nice low action and very playable, the condition of the body and finish is quite astonishing for a 40 yr old guitar, the back of the neck shows virtually zero playwear, very clean original hard-shell case. In 1969 gibson introduced two guitars with low impedance pickups these two guitars […]

2007 Gibson Custom Shop Silver Sparkle 61 SG NOS

New Old Stock from 2007, this 2007 Gibson Guitar has never played and stored since day one in a climate controlled smoke free environment. Complete with all case accessories and paperwork, the Gibson Custom Shop Silver Sparkle SG was issued by the custom shop in very limited numbers toward the end of 2007. Fitted with […]