2008 Fender Custom Shop Lenny Tribute Strat

This recent addition to the Custom Shop Tribute Series is an intricate reproduction of Lenny down to the smallest of details from the customized neck that was a gift from ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, the reflective SRV stickers on the body, the battered headstock to the autograph that Stevie himself etched into the neck plate—even […]

Gibson Johnny Winter Signature Firebird #003

There have been few guitarists able to interpret classic blues and blues rock with the mastery and expressiveness of legend Johnny Winter. Since the late 1960s, Winter has been cranking out some of the meanest and most spellbinding slide guitar ever recorded, and performing live, he can still blast searing, gut-wrenching blues without even breaking […]

2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Limited Edition Sante Fe Sunrise

The rich, deep hues of the Les Paul LE Series come alive with the flame of a maple top in the Gibson Les Paul Standard Limited Edition. White body binding and ebony fingerboard enhance the effect, making this LE guitar a standout among the Standards. The feel and sound come from a slim 60’s neck […]

2001 Gibson Custom Shop Playboy Bunny Head #002

Very rare guitar from the Gibson Custom Shop Art & Historic division Only 50 of these were made for worldwide distribution, this example is number 002 Serial Number PBHH002. The guitar is 100% origina & in Mint condition, it has never been played, the Guitar is complete with the original hard-shell case which is also […]

2007 Fender Jimi Hendrix Icon Guitar Hear My Message, #12

As we previously mentioned in our other Hendrix Icon Guitar listing, only 375 of these guitars were manufactured & authorized for worldwide distribution. This guitar is #12 of 375, it is in perfect shape, never played, in storage since day one, a rare opportunity! Learn more in this pdf. Since this description is very similar […]

2008 Fender Custom Shop Yngwie Malmsteen Tribute Stratocaster

NOS new old stock, this 2008 Fender Custom Shop guitar has never been played and is complete with original hard-shell case, all paperwork and accessories! Serial Number GF755, built by master builder Greg Fessler. The Fender custom Shop Yngwie Malmsteen tribute Stratocaster guitar (a.k.a. the “play loud” guitar) is a meticulous reproduction of Malmsteen’s beloved […]

1998 Gretsch 6119 Tennessee Rose Pre Fender

One of the most recognizable guitars of ’60s, the Gretsch 6119 Tennessee Rose features dual HiloTron adjustable pickups, feedback resistant laminated Maple top, bound thinline body with bound f-holes, Rosewood fretboard, chrome hardware, neoclassic position markers, and Gretsch Bigsby vibrato. This example is serial number 8910119-139 just 139 guitars into the very first year of […]

2008 Gretsch USA Custom Shop G6118TCS Flying Tiger Squadron

Totally unique creation by the Gretsch USA Custom Shop, to give the guitar its full title,” Gretsch USA Custom Shop Anniversary Flying Tiger Squadron” only one built for worldwide distribution, and you have to admit, its hard to be everywhere with only one guitar!! Either way, it is a stunner! The serial number is UCO-8080383 […]

2008 Gretsch USA Custom Shop G6118TCS B-52 Bomber

Totally unique creation by the Gretsch USA Custom Shop, to give the guitar its full title,” Gretsch USA Custom Shop WWII Mitchel B-52 Bomber” only one built for worldwide distribution (kinda tough to cover the entire globe with one guitar!!), either way, it is a stunner, the serial number is UCO-8080382 (please note that this […]

2004 Gibson Crazy Horse Les Paul Stacey David

25 of these guitars were produced by The Gibson Custom Shop in 2004. This example is single digit serial number, it is in perfect condition & complete with all accessories. The Crazy Horse Les Paul was the first guitar that Stacey David worked in conjunction with the Gibson custom shop. It is a custom Les […]

2002 Gibson Custom Shop Laurence Gartel Explorer

This is the only Gibson Explorerl that was completed by Laurence at the request of the Gibson Custom Shop. It was for a Custom Shop series to be known as “The Gartel Gibsons” this guitar is designated “Prototype #1” (Prototype #2 was the Gibson Les Paul in stock as well), Laurence also applied the same […]

2002 Gibson Custom Shop Laurence Gartel Les Paul

This is the only Les Paul that was completed by Laurence at the request of the Gibson Custom Shop. Serial number CS21650, it is also designated “Prototype #2” (Prototype #2 was a Gibson Explorer). Laurence also applied the same treatment to a Ferrari but we missed out on that!! Offered here is an investment quality […]

2004 Fender Custom Shop Moneycaster Strat Jason Davis

Totally unique one only build for the moneycaster, built by Fender master-builder Jason Davis in 2004. The guitar has been played but is in excellent original condition. Serial number is JD534, and you will find Jason’s signature on the rear of the headstock with the SN and Custom Shop logo. The guitar is covered with […]

1996 Gibson Custom Shop George St Pierre Tie Dye #46

Gibson produced 103 of these in 1996, all were finished in the Custom Shop by George St Pierre, a Gibson employee at the time, George had figured out a way to apply the tie-dye finish over cloth to the body of the guitar, all 103 are unique designs This example is #46/103, we also have […]

2006 Gibson Custom Elliot Easton “Inspired By” SG

SN EE132, in dead mint condition complete with original hard-shell case & all accessories. Gibson Custom continues the exciting Inspired By series with a beautiful two-pickup SG Custom designed to the exacting specifications of guitarist Elliot Easton. A founding member of groundbreaking hit makers the Cars, Easton’s amazing career has spanned nearly three decades. For […]

2007 Fender Jimi Hendrix Icon Guitar Hear My Message, #28

Only 375 of these guitars were manufactured & authorized for worldwide distribution, this example is #28 of 375, it is in perfect shape, never played, in storage since day one, a rare opportunity! Learn more in the pdf from Fender. More than three years in development and design by partners Gered Mankowitz and David Costa, […]

2006 Fender Custom Shop “Rack Em Up” Telecaster

Totally unique build by John Cruz, one only production and it featured in the 2008 Fender Custom Shop catalog (If you have an original 2008 custom shop catalog, please contact us) This guitar was also a feature of the Custom Shop booth at Summer NAMM of 2005 and has been in the inventory of one […]

1997 Jimi Hendrix 1968 Maple Cap USA Tribute Strat

Jimi Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster, made in the USA between 1997-2000 In the late 1960s, Jimi Hendrix demonstrated an amazing technique and stretched the sonic possibilities of the solid body guitar and, in the process, changed rock music–forever. In honor of this amazing talent Fender Musical Instruments and Experience Hendrix, LLC (the family of Jimi Hendrix) […]

2007 EVH Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein Replica

NOS NEW OLD STOCK, in storage from day one, never played, never hung in a guitar store, never demod or any other exposure just laid down since 2007, in totally perfect shape with original case & undisturbed paperwork & all accessories Eddie Van Halen and Fender have joined forces to bring you EVH® brand guitars, […]

2006 Fender Custom Shop John 5 Bigsby Signature Tele

A collaboration between the Fender Custom Shop and guitarist John “John 5” Lowery of Marilyn Manson. Featuring cutting-edge modifications to the classic Fender Telecaster guitar design, the new Fender Custom Shop J5 Telecaster appears to be a standard Tele guitar, but a closer look unveils a shaved maple neck (for behind the nut bends) Complete […]

2007 Fender J5 Triple Tele Deluxe

Just arrived into stock, the guitar is new, has never been played and comes complete with original gig bag, all paperwork and accessories. Shred-monster John 5’s J5 Triple Tele® Deluxe guitar loads up a ’70s-era Telecaster® Deluxe model with three high-output Enforcer™ pickups and enough chrome to blind the back row. Other features include ’70s […]

2008 Gibson Custom John Sykes Les Paul Custom “Aged” #4

In storage since being bought new in 2008, Serial Number JS 004, in perfect ex factory condition, never played, complete with all paperwork, accessories & hardshell case. The John Sykes Les Paul Custom “Aged” Electric Guitar re-creates Sykes number one instrument-a 1978 Les Paul Custom – so that it reflects the wear and changes it […]

2001 Fender Custom Shop Strat Silverado #6

Unique Fender Custom Shop creation, only six of these were made for worldwide distribution, this example is the very last one made #6 of 6. The Fender Silverado guitar is basically NOS new old stock, it has never been played, just stored since day one, complete with all paperwork & accessories & unmarked original hardshell […]

1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Wine Red

It is fairly well known that many mid 70’s Gibson guitars are frowned upon by players & collectors alike, generally this dislike is linked back to the excess of the 70’s, bigger headstocks, volute, Norlin control etc etc. However, occasionally a guitar comes along that is what it is, no excuses! Here we have a […]

2005 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Bart Simpson

A totally unique Gibson guitar, the only one ever produced by the Custom Shop! Bart Simpson Les Paul Custom (991058), Natural w/ hand painted Bart Simpson Caricature by Matt Groening Auctioneer’s Note- One-of-a-kind, hand-painted by “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening The Bart Simpson Gibson guitar was released by the custom shop prior to the pending […]

Les Paul, The Legend that Changed the Guitar!

In light of today being the birth date of Lester Polsfuss, or his more widely recognized name, Les Paul… we decided to join the recognition and share our own tribute. Also, if you have not seen the special Google Les Paul homepage, its really worth a few minutes of your time to see. Lester William […]

2009 Gibson Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood Aged Signed #29

This is #29, of the 50 guitars Jeff Beck played, numbered, and signed. It is a reissue of Jeff’s famed 1954 Les Paul, used on the “Blow By Blow” album. This Tom Murphy Aged recreation features two Humbuckers, and a “Oxblood” finish. The 1954 Les Paul originally had P90 pickups in it, but Jeff’s had […]

2009 Gibson Custom Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood VOS

Many great off-the-shelf electric guitars have had their reputations elevated by the legendary artists who have played them. Once in a while, however, a heavily modified instrument is used to make such groundbreaking music that the erstwhile “one-off” becomes iconic in and of itself. The best known and most revered of these is arguably Gibson […]

2002 Gibson Custom Lenny Kravitz 1967 Flying V

Personal touches like a black sparkle finish, gold mirrored pickguard and truss-rod cover, and a custom neck shape make this a serious axe you can really work out on. Solid mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fretboard provide warm resonance translated by ’57 Classic humbuckers into sweet sustain. 24-3/4″ scale, 1-11/16″ nut., worldwide distribution […]

2007 Gibson All You Need Is Love Les Paul

Purchased at the live auction Oct 17th 2007, the guitar has been in storage since that day, stored in a smoke free climate controlled environment. Austin GuitarTown Project The Austin GuitarTown project is a public arts project dedicated to bringing visual and musical artists together in a unique display of ten-foot Gibson Guitar sculptures to […]

1986 PRS 24 Vintage Cherry

Later to be renamed the Standard 24 back in 86 it was simply the PRS 24, an incredible example of Paul Reed Smith’s early work the SN puts this into the sub 900 range, finished in original Vintage Cherry & in extraordinarily fine condition, the guitars weighs in at 7LB 7OZ so basically a featherweight […]

2006 Gibson Pete Townsend Les Paul Deluxe Number-1

Mint never played condition! This example is number 63 of 75 made, complete with all accessories ex factory. Gibson Custom Shop Artist Signature Collection Series Nashville, TN, U.S.A. Available in 2006 Standard Colors: Wine Red. Pick Ups: 2 Mini-Humbuckers (Neck, Bridge), DiMarzio Dual Sound Humbucking Pickup (Middle). Body: Three Piece Maple Top, Pancake Mahogany Back. […]

Gibson Pete Townshend Signature Les Paul Deluxe Number-3

In the ’70s, Townshend made the Les Paul Deluxe his weapon of choice for live shows. This Signature model is a limited edition of 75 guitars and re-creates all the quirks of Pete’s #3 Deluxe including the pancake body, neck volute, taped III, and added toggle switches to tap and change phase on the middle […]

1999 Gibson Spiderman Web-Slinger 1 Prototype

Yes folks, serial number WS-000 with Gibson’s prototype logo to the rear of the headstock! Usually the serial numbers will be in the format WS1-001 -WS1-150, but our proto doesn’t carry the “1”. General knowledge is that only the first 75 were signed by Stan Lee, however we also have #91 & Stan has signed […]

2007 Gibson Pete Townshend Les Paul Deluxe Number 9

In storage since release by Gibson in 2007 complete with everything ex-factory, dead mint condition and never played! In the 1970s, Pete Townshend made the Les Paul Deluxe his weapon of choice for The Who’s live shows. The Townshend Signature Deluxe recreates all the quirky aspects of Pete’s #9 Deluxe, including the pancake body, neck […]

1993 ESP Angel Sword Guitar Takamizawa 20th Anniversary

Well, here we are, you’ve been waiting for this one! Without doubt, the most famous sword guitar ever, the ESP Alfee 20th anniversary model. These extremely rare hand crafted guitars were designed & released in 1993 .there are no definitive build records available but ESP say that only 20 were manufactured for worldwide distribution, I […]

Fender Artist Series Joe Stummer Telecaster

The Fender Joe Strummer Signature Telecaster is modeled after some of the beat up and battle-hardened Telecaster guitars (especially his famous ’66 model) he wielded as leader of the only band that matters seminal Brit punk commando unit the Clash. Designed in cooperation with the Strummer estate, the guitar has a highly distressed road-worn treatment […]

1999 Fender 35th Anniversary Ford Mustang Tribute Strat

This guitar was made by the Fender Custom Shop in conjunction with Ford Motor Company to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the legendary Ford Mustang! It’s NEW OLD STOCK & has never been played, complete with all of the paperwork from Fender which authenticates the guitar as #9 of 35 made. Of the 35 that […]

2002 Gibson Bob Marley Les Paul Junior #11

In perfect, just out of the factory condition, un-played and complete with everything! Case, COA, all paperwork etc! Very low serial number. Bob Marley was many things to many people, and the Gibson guitar he played was just as unique. Painstaking research and detailing was done using Bob’s original Les Paul Special to create this […]